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“My battery is draining very fast. Tell me what the heck to do with it ?” :wife argues with husband

so much of frustration now a days due to overheating or battery down quickly in our Phones.

Lets go ! Background apps can use up your battery and resources. Some apps might not be well optimized, some might be malware, or some might just have a bug.

Little Gyan about new update from Android link, Background Execution Limits, Yes of-course it is from Android 8.0 Oreo updates.

Check What’s draining you:

Battery: To have a look at the Battery usages, Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage.

It is real time to observe what is going on in your phone, what exact application is running behind your back. The more you use certain apps, the higher on the list they’ll sit. Look out for any apps you don’t recognize using more than a tiny percentage of your battery. Any app using over a few percent is worth looking into | saving five percent here or four percent there will add up. (well, google app or service is not something to worry).

Do you know Developer options yet ?

Go to Settings > Developer Options > Running Services or Cached Processes

Once you have identified an app that’s draining your battery. Its time to shoot them out. it means uninstall time. Go ahead now, you almost know everything. But try to learn more about each and every services and processes running behind. If there is Google services is running and felt about to delete it then its very hectic to recover it. So try to avoid google services and services around.

Find the app, Force Stop / Uninstall

Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Apps

Click on any app that you want to uninstall or Force to Stop. There are many options available below to work with.

Go ahead play with it. If anything need help, definitely ping us.

(But whatever you are doing with your phone its your call, we are not responsible to your any activity )

Thank you, Happy Stopping !

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