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Is it Possible to run 2-WhatsApp on your Android Device – OnePlus Edition !

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Lets understand what exactly given title says,

Most of the time, People are asking – How to run double application on your device. lets say, my friend becky is handling two Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn account. One for his personal purpose and another for Business Purpose. (Lets take these examples for understanding purpose)

In such case, Becky used to logIn / LogOut Every time (Web Login). He was irritated to handle double applications. It was difficult for him to switch from one account to another account.


Now lets move forward,

Every one has different purpose to run applications, whatever it is.. It may be possible by using softwares.. BUT OnePlus is giving in-built features to handle double account on your Android Device..

Come on, we are moving-on now, to understand – HOWTO do it ?

Go to Android Settings > Apps

Once you click on Apps, Go to Parallel Apps. In Parallel Apps you can see List of Supported Application.
Here is the main area, we have to work with.

For better understanding, i have clicked on WhatsApp Application to run Parallel-ly, Once you Enabled it, Android System will create platform to run another WhatsApp application on same device.

It is not possible to understand without doing it, why are you waiting then..? do it..

See above image, There are TWO WhatsApp application running on my device. WhatsApp with Orange DOT is parallel Application you can use different number to run that Application.

In same way, You can run many application parallel-ly in your device, as per the image, they have supported following applications,

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Messenger
  5. Twitter
  6. WhatsApp

Try it..

Well, In this article – we understand that, it is possible to parallel application on your Android – OnePlus Device.  It is also working on OnePlus 3T.

What else we can do for those who don’t have such parallel Apps stuff in his device.. ?? Big questions for others but don’t worry, stay – tune guys, we are preparing another articles to do it. something is cooking. It is very simple / easy..


Happy Learning !

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