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How to send greeting messages over WhatsApp ?

Sure why not, before reading this post – please check this link

WhatsApp Business Application is available in India

Voila.. Cool for us now..

You can now send greeting messages to our customers using this WhatsApp Business Application, All you have to do is to download the “WhatsApp Business” Application from Google Play Store and DONE.

Here are the step by step guidance to send greeting messages to our customers..

Step One:

Open your WhatsApp Business Application

Go to Setting from WhatsApp Business Menu

Once you click on Business Settings,
Step Two:

It is showing Messaging Tools like

  1. Away Messages
  2. Greeting Messages
  3. Quick Replies

Away Messages:
When you are away from keyboard (AFK), Automatically reply with a messages when you are way.
Message: You can type your own away messages too..
Schedule: You can also set schedule

Greeting Messages: 
Thats Cool, Greet Customers when they message you the first time or after 14 days of no activity
Message: Welcome to infosecplatform ! We look forward to working with you (you can define your own message)

Quick Replies: 
Have you ever tried any IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ), well this functions reminds me about IRC, There are few shortcuts to send messages to our customers.. /thanks

Now Its real time to explore New WhatsApp Business Application.

Go Grab you App now

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