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Google Drive: How to resolve Error “waiting to upload” photos, videos to Google Drive ?

Google Drive – Store any files

It is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google, It allows to store files in the cloud, synchronize file across devices and share files.

well everyone knows what Google is.. hahahaha.. But what you do after getting errors like “Waiting to Upload” files on google cloud server ?

Reason may be differ, device to device.. lets say when you are switching your network from Wi-Fi to Cellular at the time of uploading.. or whatever.. anything can happen. we still not on conclusion without seeing technical details.

Whatever the reason, lets solve this issue at in this manner. This may solve your issue or not. We are not responsible for any damages occurring during this method.

Well don’t worry nothing will happen, you are just clearing the Cache in this scenario..

Most of the time Clearing Cache may resolve your issue.. Now lets do it..

Go to your Android Phone
--> Click on Google Drive Icon


Once you Click the Google Drive Icon, It will open your Google Drive, The error is occurred while uploading some files on Drive,

by considering this issue.


Go to Settings from Google Drive
(there is Menu button in google drive, 3 horizontal lines at left corner )

Click on that Menu buttons

Click on the Settings.

Now next



There is Clear Cache options in Settings of Google Drive. Click it, it will clear Application Cache.

Once you clear the cache, It will give you message like “Documents will be cleared”.

And Lets guess what will happen, This may resolve your issue. You can see your file uploading wait is over. you can easily upload your files over your wi-fi or cellular network.

Still have any issue, Please- Please send us mail or contact us on we will definitely solve your issue.. Ta-da.. !!

Quickly another solutions: 
Go to your MOBILE settings –> Click on Application –> Application List may appear –> Click on Google Drive –> Click on FORCE STOP –> Yes / DONE –> It may move towards LOGIN again to your Google Drive Application and DONE.
This procedure may slow down your application or give some another application end issue. Still Don’t worry about it. Its can also fix it..

Stay tuned !

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