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Alexa Voice Commands – Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo & Alexa for Indian Market

From our Previous part, we are also having more fun to do with it, Yes that’s True..

We are going to explore Amazon Alexa Echo Plus and its Skills, are you with us ?

So, Lets start with Alexa Commands 

Helpful Alexa Commands, All you need to say is “Alexa” and she is ready to execute your command. Let’ start with basics.

Basic commands

  • Alexa, hello
  • Alexa, how are you ?
  • Alexa, how old are you ?
  • Alexa, mute
  • Alexa, unmute
  • Alexa, stop
  • Alexa, turn up/down the volume
  • Alexa, Loop ON
  • Alexa, go to sleep
  • Alexa, Take a chill pill
  • Alexa, Flip a coin
  • Alexa, Pair with my headphones
  • Alexa, Spell Antarctica

Alarm Clock and Calendar

  • Alexa, What time is it ?
  • Alexa, What’s the date ?
  • Alexa, set an alarm for 6 AM
  • Alexa, snooze
  • Alexa, Set a repeating alarm for 6 AM weekdays
  • Alexa, When is my next alarm ?
  • Alexa, cancel my alarm for 8 AM
  • Alexa, cancel all my alarms
  • Alexa, set a timer for 30 minutes
  • Alexa, set a second timer for 10 minutes
  • Alexa, add an event to my calendar
  • Alexa, What’s on my calendar for today ?
  • Alexa, Wake me up at 7 AM on weekdays

Flash Briefings

  • Alexa, Give me my flash beriefing
  • Alexa, What’s in the news
  • Alexa, Next
  • Alexa, Previous
  • Alexa, Pause


  • Alexa, What’s the Temperature ?
  • Alexa, will it rain tomorrow ?
  • Alexa, What’s the forecast for this weekend ?
  • Alexa, What’s the weather in Seattle ?
  • Alexa, is it going to rain today ?
  • Alexa, What’s the extended forecast for Las Vegas ?

Smart Home Commands

  • Alexa, Discover my smart home devices
  • Alexa, Connect to my phone
  • Alexa, Pair with my device
  • Alexa, Turn on the Lights
  • Alexa, Turn on the TV
  • Alexa, Raise the temperature 5 degrees
  • Alexa, set the temperature to 75
  • Alexa, lock my front door

Music Commands

  • Alexa, Play my oldies playlist
  • Alexa, Play the Top Pop Station
  • Alexa, What is playing ?
  • Alexa, Play Music by A. R Rahman
  • Alexa, Play the Top Song this week
  • Alexa, Turn it Up / Down
  • Alexa, Stop the Music
  • Alexa, Resume
  • Alexa, Shuffle my new music
  • Alexa, Play the Frank Sinatra Station on Pandora
  • Alexa, add this song to my Prime Music Library
  • Alexa, Play some blues
  • Alexa, Shop for new music by Ed Sheeran
  • Alexa, Whats Popular from U2 ?
  • Alexa, buy Never mind by Nirvana

Music Commands

  • Alexa, Order Laundry Detergent
  • Alexa, Buy bathroom tissue
  • Alexa, Reorder Toothpaste
  • Alexa, Add Protein bars to my cart
  • Alexa, Track my Order
  • Alexa, Turn it Up / Down
  • Alexa, Where is my stuff ?

To-Do Lists

  • Alexa, Create a to-do list
  • Alexa, I need to make a doctor appointment
  • Alexa, I need to wash clothes
  • Alexa, Add milk to my shopping list
  • Alexa, put get an oil change on my to-do list

Those are just a few of the Alexa commands. The list of commands will inevitably expand in the future.

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