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Track your Girlfriend / Boyfriend easily

Well this topic is very close to everyone, now a days..

Lets find out how can we track someone / special one or loved one..
Can you have access of his / her mobile number, yeah.. really ?

Good for you now, go for it and do the following things with his / her mobile..

Everyone is using WhatsApp for messaging purposes, WhatsApp has given nice features nowadays, what is that feature ?

Lets understand it >>

Lets take example of stella and Bob, they are sweet couple. Love each other a lot. Bob wants to Track her GF for her safety (To show her Live online directions). For understanding purpose – you can consider that bob wants to track her GF for some untrusted purpose.


First Take your GF / BF Mobile Device and Open WhatsApp Application. It may be difficult for someone, but this what we are explaining here about. Once you open WhatsApp Application on your GF / BF device. Send 2-3 Message on your device from your GF / BF Mobile.

Now there is Attached button PIN, besides chatbox.. click on that PIN – Check below Screenshot

Well, This is very common to understand. right ? now click on Location option from the Menu. Once you click on Locations, It will give you below screen, please check following screenshot..

We are very close now to track, WhatsApp has given this beautiful features for us, in above image you can see Following
1. Google Maps
2. Share Live Location – Button
3. Send Your Current Location – Nearby Places – Accurate to 23 Meters

Well from above 3 shown points, we need to click on second point and that is Share Live Location

Once we click on Share Live Location, It will promote another screen, check below screenshot

You can see hours to share live locations, in the above screenshot. So here is the main area you can think on it, how many hours you want to track his / her device.. as per the screenshot – i have tried to track that device for 8 hours.. and i have given comment also.. and send it..

We are almost done now.. Once we send that message / locations to our device (still we are not using our OWN device – Remember )

Now it will show like below screenshot (on your OWN device),

Now wait, Don’t go fast on your OWN device.. Type Some 2-3 messages e.g. Hi, hello blah blah etc. So that tracker message will roll-up. He / She will not identify easily, what have you done ?… Correct ?.. Leave that device with her / him.

Cool, Now go to your device now. Open the WhatsApp and check that message.

Click on that View live Location Button, Now it will track your GF / BF device very easily.. Great..

So here is your result, you are tracking him / her.. sweet na.. click on Tap to share your live location..

What ?? Are you enabling Internet on both device right na ??


Happy Tracking
and Happy Beating ? (( why beating ?))

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