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Google Removed 700K apps from Google Play store – Tips to stay on Google Play Policy

Ohh.. Its huge count and very strange...

This information is for only those people who have developed there application for Good purpose. When you are connected with big company / industries. It comes with great-great responsibility and Great Trust.

Still nothing to worry. If your purpose is good and your company is following exact policy provided by google then its very easy to handle this.

If your application get rejected then your company is following some violation against the google policy. remember those violation can be fixed. For this you need to provide valid Email ID to address the issue. Google will notify you with violation contents or any overhead policy issue.

when you are registered with correct Email ID then and only then, they can deliver the notification about application review.

If these still not working for you, you can reach out to google for support.

Lets find out some interesting stuff from Google’s Video >>

10 tips to help you stay on the right side of Google Play Policy.

According to google, You need to follow these steps.

  1. Review our Policy Center
  2. Describe your app appropriately
  3. Use images you have the rights to
  4. Rate your app accurately
  5. Handle user data with care
  6. Make sure the ads in your app are policy compliant
  7. Don’t forget the restricted content policy
  8. Update your email preferences
  9. Fix any policy issues found in review
  10. Reach out to us for support

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