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What is Marathi Bhasha Din, in Maharashtra-India 27 Feb 2018 ?

Marathi Language Day ( Marathi Din, Marathi Diwas: मराठी दिन, मराठी दिवस ) is celebrated on February 27 every year across the Indian States of Maharashtra and Goa. This day is regulated by the state Government. It is celebrated on Birthday of eminent Marathi Poet Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar ( वि.वा.शिरवाडकर )

Essay competitions and seminars are arranged in Schools and Colleges. Government officials are asked to conduct various events.

मी मराठी, जय शिवाजी । अस्सल मराठी आहात, तर मग करताय ना हि पोस्ट शेअर् !

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