G suite hangout chat
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G suite hangout chat

Recently Google – G Suite has launched Hangout Chat. This is completely separate to Google hangouts, and over the course of the next few days it will be made available to all G Suite users.

Hangout Chat is competes directly with the likes of Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing for easier workplace communication and collaboration.

Hangout Chat has been designed to be used by large groups of people, making it suitable for small business as well as larger organisations. A chat group can be broken up into smaller rooms, which can be tailored to different tasks or projects e.g. and each these rooms can house up to 8,000 participants.

as of now, Hangout Chat supports 28 languages, and there are 25 bundled bots that can be used to help automate tasks and use other Google services such as Drive and Calendar.

You can find out more @ following G Suite Hangout Chat website

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